La Reina, San Ramón: Mines, Gold, Snakes, Food, and More

Even in the absence of desks and a roof, these students were ready to draw comics about their community, including lots of stories about an old gold mine, typical foods, and snakes!

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El Plomo, San Ramón: Folktales & Fables

This workshop took place at the El Plomo school, where students were studying traditional Nicaraguan fables and folktales.

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Siares, San Ramón: CESESMA Workshop

We visited the Ruben Dario school in the village of Siares, San Ramón, Nicaragua to work with a group of art students during the school’s morning session.  These students study art through a program facilitated by our hosting organization, CESESMA.

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La Garita, San Ramón: Escuela Primaria Draws Comics!

Our next Henniker-San Ramón Comics Exchange class involved the enthusiastic students of La Garita, San Ramón.

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San Ramón: Casa del Niño

We´re conducting HSR Comics Exchange workshops with the Casa del Niño community center in San Ramón, Nicaragua…

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Bath Village School Comics Convention

Bath Village School held its first ever Comics Convention for students and teachers on Thursday.

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Bath Village School: More Photos

Click through to see these full photos from Bath Village School:

HSR Comics Exchange: Phase One Complete!

Here are some of the details from Phase One of the HSR Comics Exchange!


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Currier Art Center: Manga Feedback

Our Currier Art Center teen Manga Power! class likes its high-energy group feedback sessions!

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We use most of our time during class to present our ideas and give each other valuable feedback.  Then we all work on our unique manga projects at home during the week.

Walker School: School Stories

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades of Concord, NH’s Walker School are creating mini-comics about their school culture and history.
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