Hopkinton Independent School Comics Convention 2009

dscf2899-small This year’s HIS Comics Convention featured the following original stories:

  • The Adventures of Flyscreme! by Brian F.
  • The Adventures of King Billy the Crazy Dude by Brian M.
  • The Adventures of Tyler the Teen by Colin
  • Baking Boa by Emma
  • Bo the Hubble by Alexander
  • CRA-Z COMICS by Finnegan
  • Ed’s Edventures, Book I: Siege on Macindaw by Danny
  • Great Silver Spirit Wolf by Ali
  • Jedd (2) by Paul
  • LeBrón the Alien by Dominic
  • Lost! on Pigmy Mountain by Henry
  • SEEDS 2.3 by Marek
  • SuperDude vs. The Evil Business Men of Evilness by Charles
  • Tom by Albert

Here are some photos of us preparing and distributing our comics:  Read the rest of this entry »

Comics Camp at Hopkinton Independent School

Our Comics Camp at the Hopkinton Independent School will hold its annual Comics Convention on Friday, 31 July, 2009 from 3:00-4:00.  Come see us, and collect our newest mini-comics!

Manga Convention at Nashua Public Library

On Friday, Nashua Public Library‘s Manga Comics Power! group spent the morning preparing their mini-comics, and in the afternoon we presented our work to an enthusiastic convention crowd:


The Nashua Telegraph ran an article about our workshop: “Pens Empowered: Manga Comics Workshop draws on young artists’ imagination”!

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Keene State College Comics Camp

Here’s a gallery of photos from this week’s Comics Camp at Keene State College, showing the drawing, publication, and distribution of our comics over the week:  Read the rest of this entry »

Comics Camp 09 @ The Orchard School

We opened the Comics Camp ’09 summer season this week at The Orchard School in East Alstead, NH! Here are some quick peeks:
dscf2526-small Read the rest of this entry »

Monadnock Humane Society: Creature Comics Convention

 convention-2787726433_38e194d978.jpg convention-2788579538_b0742b6bd3.jpg

On Friday, we published our mini-comics about animals and animal welfare, and held a Creature Comics Convention in the lobby of the Monadnock Humane Society to raise money for shelter operations. 

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Monadnock Humane Society: Creature Comics

We’re getting ready for the ultimate Comics Camp Convention of the 2008 Summer Season!


Creature Comics Convention
at the Monadnock Humane Society
2:00 Friday, August 22

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Hopkinton Independent School Comics Convention 2008

Vacation 018 +.jpg

We held our fifth Mini-Comics Convention of the season today!

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Hopkinton Independent School: Stories on the Way…

Drawing (and teaching) comics is one of the coolest jobs imaginable! Where else can you work with talking birds, mutated bunnies, olympian athletes, infamous politicians, ghosts, sentient blobs, sneaky puppies, ninjas, bank robbers, secret service agents, pirates, and creative kids all under the same roof and sky?

HIS Comics Camp 015.JPGHIS Comics Camp 001.JPG

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Kimball-Jenkins Estate Comics Convention

Today we held a Comics Camp Comics Convention at the beautiful Kimball-Jenkins Estate in downtown Concord, NH (KJE’s website).

080808 Comics Camp KJE 441.JPG

We autographed lots of our own mini-comics Read the rest of this entry »


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