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Comics Camp 2002: The Orchard School

The first Orchard School Comics Camp happened in July of 2002. We had an amazing group of 13 adventurous young artists, with Nathan Paluzzi and Birch Norlander-McCarty serving as interns.

You can read about our week in the River Record Article.

Here’s a partial list of the many fine comics that came out of our festive activities:

  • The Talking Lessons by Codi-Anne Hindes
  • Baby Snapper Eats! and Hunger by Jakeb Smith-Sitnick
  • The Big Splash by Chloe Schoppmeyer
  • The Adventures of Crazee Iyz by Jake Burskey
  • Dragens by Severin Keeley
  • The Adventures of Steve the Salesman and James the Robotic Frying Pan (and their pig, Alexander) by Ian Relihan
  • The Komix Kidz by Nathan Paluzzi
  • Marek Bennett’s Weasel World
  • Kenny the Tea Kettle by Jeremy Chamberlain
  • The Story of Welcome to Wal-mart and Other Great Tales by Isabel Morgan-Karl
  • Leah and Odischos go on a Shoe Hunt by Addie Davis
  • Miles Cota’s The Adventures of Loopy + Meanie
  • A Good Reason to Look Up! by Ryan Schoppmeyer
  • Monty in the Jungle… by Birch Norlander-McCarty

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