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Sample Program: Comics Camp

“What do you do?”

Here’s a sample program from a week-long Comics Camp summer program:

Comics Camp: Comics 101 1-Week Program
Day 1: Shapes and Characters
  • Blob Drawings: A simple introductory exercise to get the creative juices flowing, and to discover characters we never even knew we had!
  • Character and Setting: Taking one of your blob characters and putting it in its place.
  • Facts and Situations: What do we need to know about your character?
  • Book Building: Fold, staple, and cut a 16-page mini-comic about comics
  • PROJECT: A “splash” page for one of your characters
Day 2: Sequence
  • Book Building: Fold, staple, and cut the mini-comic of all our character splash pages from yesterday!
  • Simple Tasks: Show us how to perform a simple task… without using words!
  • Scene-Action-Result: Bringing the power of “Sequential Art” to bear on three simple panels.
  • PROJECT: Create a “Scene-Action-Result” page for one of your characters.
Day 3: Talking Comics (Dialogue)
  • Book Building: Fold, staple, and cut the mini-comic of all our “Scene-Action-Result” pages from yesterday!
  • Readability and Space: Help your readers to enjoy your comics.
  • Talking Order: You can show a whole conversation in a single panel… and make it flow!
  • Creative Voices: Use words and fonts to make sounds in the minds of your readers.
  • PROJECT: What happens when two characters meet?
Day 4: Panels and Paths
  • Catching the Eye: A group activity to learn about grabbing readers’ attention.
  • Stepping Back: Learn to see your own comics… from a distance.
  • PROJECT: Work on your final project.
Day 5: Student Projects!
  • Final Project Worktime: Don’t panic! It’s just a deadline…
  • Assembling your book(s): Everybody works together to assemble hundreds of copies of comic books for the boxed sets.
  • Making Boxes: We also have to fold and decorate the containers for the boxed sets.
  • FINAL PROJECTS: Each student receives a BOXED SET of ALL the work we’ve done this week!

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