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Comics Camp 2003: The Orchard School

In our first camp of 2003, Comics Camp: Basics, campers explored the possibilities of telling stories with sequential pictures and words. We practiced the tricks of the trade with daily exercises and discussions, and each camper created one (or more) mini-comic book. At the end of the week, we celebrated our achievements with the Second Annual Orchard School Comics Convention, and each camper went home with a special-edition Comics Camp 2003 boxed-set containing all the comics produced that year.

We had two talented young interns for this week of camp: Nathan Paluzzi (from the Baltimore High School of the Visual Arts) and Owen Miller of Alstead.

Here’s a partial list of the many fine comics that resulted from our zany exertions:

  • The Adventure of Willy Billy by Michael Templeton
  • The Legend of Goldfeather by Mariah Edson
  • Tanagram by Hannah Putnam
  • The Adventures of Scruffy and Scrunchy and Pussy by Laura K. Damato
  • The Aliens! by Narissa Lumbra
  • The Adventures of John Paul the Poodle and Pickles the Cat by Shelby Redfield
  • Stan the Sphere by Nathan Paluzzi
  • The Adventure of Captain Cartman: Winter Adventure by Alec Grabowski
  • Happy Meets a Monster by Faith Zabel
  • Ice Burg #1 by Marek Bennett
  • The Adventures of The Cartoonist’s Guide to Getting Started If You Can’t Think of Anything! by Owen Miller
  • A Book of Comics by Tiana Withers
  • Freaky Freaky People by Michael Templeton
  • The Adventures of Tom by Alexis Balcom
  • The Book of Skateboard Tricks by Nathan Manning
  • The Slore Gets Rich! by Severin Zain Keeley
  • Mr. Bang: “I’m Back!” by Kendra Keller
  • Alexis’s Book of Characters! by Alexis Balcom
  • The Adventures of Mr. Smiley Face by Bradley Gordon
  • The Adventure of Life, Part I: The Meeting by Andrew K. Bissell
  • Sam’s Gallery by Sam Tamarelle
  • The Saw Takes On Tokyo by David Dietz

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