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Comics Camp 2003: The Orchard School 2

Comics Camp 2003 = ReadThe second week of 2003’s camp, entitled Comics Camp: Beyond!, saw many veteran campers returning to refine their techniques and make more comics! We created a wall of common characters that every camper could use in stories, and we experimented with seasoning the spare pages of our projects with joke advertisements for fictional products. This extra week gave experienced campers a chance to collaborate on their projects and explore the craft of “sequential art.”

Here’s a partial list of the many amazing comics that we created:

  • Kubie Comix by Miles Cota
  • Danielle Balcom’s The Taste Test and The Great Adventures of Hoesty!
  • Hoesty’s Zesty Car Chase Adventure by Marek Bennett
  • The Friend Search by Sean Fournier
  • Dwarf Kyle by Abby Pacek
  • Mrs. Piggy by Danielle Balcom
  • Andrea Goes To Camp by Faith Zabel
  • The Adventures of Farmer Ben by Emma Carmody
  • Sam Tamarelle’s and Kendra Keller’s Tale of 2 Times
  • The Adventures of Li’l Miss Boring by Marek Bennett and Faith Zabel
  • The Adventure of Burger Boy and Shakin’ Stan by David Dietz
  • The Mighty Beast by Lee Carter
  • Jeremy Chamberlain’s Adventures of Figdo and Kidney-Bean Boy
  • The Ice-Burg #2 by “Numerous Artists”
  • Uncle Grunt’s Funky Voice Gallery by “Many Different People”

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