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NH Military Kids Comics Workshop

07nhng_draw1.jpgThis workshop gave children of New Hampshire National Guard families the chance to meet, connect, and create comics together over Memorial Day weekend 2007. We studied the basics of comics creation, including layout, character design, panel-to-panel transitions and continuity. We also read lots of comics with our “Comics Theatre” projector. During all that, these amazing kids drew a 28-page comic book in only two days!


Some of our comics dealt with issues facing NH National Guard families and kids today; others dealt with more whimsical topics.  Our titles included:

  • Sugar Cookie by Cori
  • “Mom’s Deployment” and Dr. Cat by Emma
  • “Kids, Hurry Up!” by Ginger
  • Iraq by Lucas
  • Grandpa Bennett by Marek
  • Head-Licker and Sam’s Comics by Sam
  • The Dragon by Tyler

A generous grant from Operation: Military Kids and the UNH Cooperative Extension provided funding for this workshop.


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