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Comics Camp 2007: Keene State College

This was our first Comics Camp of the 2007 Summer season, hosted by Keene State College’s Kids On Campus program.


You can read all about it on Marek’s old blogspot.com blog.


  • The Adventures of Kiteman and Mr. Roboto by Gregory
  • Mr. D and Peanut by Dillon
  • Jimmy Mouse #1: Science Lab by Lucas
  • Bobalobaloo: The Adventures of a Shark by Nic
  • The Tales of Geoda, Book 1 by Chris
  • Ballistic Boarding House! by Robert
  • Fire Boy in: Crush Time by Nate
  • Elasticat by Colin Tedford
  • The Missing Chickens in Nutville by Ben
  • Dark Tater by Aaron
  • The Mission of Captain Carl by Aidan
  • Marek by Eli
  • The Amazing Adventures of Po the Cloud #1: Pie Giant by Justin
  • Pencila by Nick
  • Count Pigula by Marek
  • Bug Dude: The Not So Super SUPERHERO by Ben



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