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Comics Camp 2007: Two Schools, One Camp!


These camps took place at the Hopkinton Independent School (Hopkinton, NH) and The Orchard School (East Alstead, NH) on the week of July 23-27. We had over forty artists creating comics throughout the week, with plenty of inter-camp comics exchanges…

Colleen Frakes and Nathan Paluzzi led the Alstead camp, while Marek led the Hopkinton camp, and visited Alstead during the afternoons. Thanks also to Colin Tedford and Adam Staffaroni for their inspiring visits and presentations!

Here are entries about the week on Marek’s OLD blog.

 Click on the titles below to see samples of student artwork.


  • Joe Comics: Joe Makes Pizza by Paul07his_02.jpg
  • Mr. Marshmallow + the Ninja by Shelby
  • Revolution in San Pablo by James and Harry
  • Monch #1: The Snake by Dominic
  • Character Splash Pages by various artists
  • ToothMan! by Abby
  • The Adventures of Skim Boy by Max
  • Adventures of Jr. and the Black-faced Skateboarder by Zach
  • Sonar by Shay
  • Lord of the Fish by Emily
  • Zip & Zazz by Finn
  • The Shredder by Reese
  • Don’t Worry Pizza Lovers, Here Comes Pizza Man! by Isabella
  • The Super Seven by Pablo
  • Summer Camp by Amy
  • Sam and Joe: Back in Action by Pryce
  • Madman Comics by Jack
  • The Killer Whale by Tori and Shay
  • Bobby the Great by Bowman
  • Mr. Wise and the Robbery by Nick
  • Sealman and Guppy #3: Shark Attack by Graham
  • Space Ninja vs. Zombie by Colleen
  • Cat + Dog by Emma
  • The 5-Day Comic Quest by Mariah
  • The Awesome Adventures of Sammy the Snail by Adam
  • The Adventures of Pete & Fish by Nina
  • The Story of the Amazing Shape-Shifter by Bradley
  • The Merciless Journey by Matt
  • Ravioli Man in Search of Chicken Noodle by Spencer
  • The Black Phantom by Nikita
  • Fear of Water by Miles
  • The Stupid Bunny by Anonymous
  • Return of the Blob by Nate
  • The Book of Cartoons by Anonymous
  • … and many more!








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