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Lesson Concept: Sequential Poetry Comics

We generated this concept during our “Teacher Tuesday: Comics in the Classroom” workshop for teachers on December 11, 2007.

  1. Take a sample poem (i.e., a Shel Silverstein poem, with a strong narrative or graphic style).
  2. Design a cartoon character based on the poem (a character in the poem, or the voice of the poem, etc.).
  3. Turn the poem into a comic strip!  Using a certain number of panels (or a range of panels), retell the poem.  Include in each panel some part of the poem, plus a relevant picture of the character.

SKILLS:  Understanding & re-presenting concepts from literature, dividing a poem into discrete ideas or sections, connecting artistic style & presentation with literary content.

NACAE’s website, http://www.teachingcomics.org, lists another poetry comics exercise for older students.


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