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Teacher Tuesday Workshop: Comics in the Classroom

SAC december pics 007 SMALL.jpg

We had a good turn-out for our “Teacher Tuesday” Comics Workshop at the Sharon Arts Center.  While the weather outside turned slightly frightful (ice and freezing rain), we huddled around the conference table and went over several basic aspects of comics education, including:

  • Useful tools and materials in the comics classroom.
  • How to introduce the form to a group of mixed experience levels.
  • How to move from cartooning (character design) to splash pages to sequential storytelling (“Scene-Action-Result”).
  • Some concepts for planning lessons and integrated units using comics
  • Genres in the graphic novel literature (in this case, history comics)
  • Student artwork (again, samples from history comics)

Thanks to all the teachers who participated and shared their ideas and interest. 

And yes, I posted that list of links to useful Graphic Novel texts!  I’m beginning to rebuild my online library of comics education links.


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