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Dreams and Parodies

We’re beginning to publish our mini-comics at the Wednesday Comics Workshop in Keene.  A few months ago, I posted a lesson we did around our main characters’ greatest hopes and worst fears.  One student, Jason, took that lesson and turned it into a long, beautifully (and brutally) humorous send-up of one of his favorite video games.  In his new comic, Prego, Jason replaces the main character of Halo, “Master Chief”, with a hamburger-headed warrior named “Master Beef”.

 The first page of the story is Master Beef’s greatest dream:


On the second page, the dream ends suddenly, and Master Beef’s greatest nightmare begins…


Note how the shimmering heavy-handedness of the floating words, “dream, dream, dream…” turns into the all-too-realistic wake-up call of the hissing life support pipes: “steam, steam, steam…”

Jason spins out 32 pages of lovely side-view action-game storytelling, with Master Beef struggling to survive in a world of hostile alien food-monsters, like these giant chicken nuggets and fruit:


Jason’s story really took shape when he realized that he could replace the military violence of the video game he was spoofing with silly, food-oriented violence.  Thus, Master Beef deep-fries these grunt nuggets, and Jason’s book remains appropriate for all-ages.

Next week we’ll see some more new mini-comics from this group.  Stay tuned!


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