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Comics Education in USA Today

USA Today recently ran an article entitled, “Schools add, expand comics art classes.”  It mentions the recent popularity of comics education among younger audiences, too:

More high schools and even grade schools are seeking advice on ways to foster student interest in cartooning, said Michelle Ollie, managing director at the [Center for Cartoon Studies]. The center has had to add a second section to its pre-college workshops to accommodate demand. 

The reader comments section is particularly interesting, featuring thought-provoking comments like this:

Our kids are learning to draw Simpsons characters in college and Iranians and Chinese kids are learning the ins and outs of nuclear fission. Any guess as to whom will rule the world 50 years from now? 

Feel free to register and chime in, Comics Workshoppers!  I sure did.

A tip of the hat to The Daily Cartoonist for picking up the story!


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