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How We Work: Margins


  • To maintain uniform page size and dimensions in a project
  • To keep all of our artwork intact throughout the production process

Each page we create in Comics Workshops uses a simple system of margins.  These margins give us “padding” around our artwork, so none of our wonderful drawings or vital words get cut off during the chopping, copying, folding, and stapling of the production process.

  1. Take a simple ruler.
  2. Take your blank page:
  3. Lay the ruler with its outer edge along the edge of the page.
  4. With your pencil, lightly trace the inner edge of the ruler.  This should give you a straight line about an inch into the page, perpenidicular to the edge of the page.
  5. Repeat this step for each edge, until the page looks something like this:
  6. Now draw your artwork into that inner rectangle. 
    Be careful!  Anything that goes out into the margins might get cut off or mis-printed in reproduction.
  • NOTE: We can use the margins for pencilled notes, spelling corrections, pre-printing page numbers, and other secret messages.

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