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Comics Workshop: Artworks of Keene

Tonight, we finished up two nine-week sessions of after school Comics Workshops at Moco Arts (formerly Artworks of Keene).  During the series, students ages 7-13 gathered in Keene, NH every Wednesday from September to January to develop characters, plotlines, and new styles of artwork.  We used story-generation exercises and improvised jams to expand our imaginations, and our comics covered a range of topics, from professional football to endangered sea turtles, from fish to high-speed spaceship races…

The mini-comics created by the group include:

Bob the Expert Fisherman by Jacob
Holmer’s Life by Eli
Jimi by Aaron
Ananda’s Story by Ananda
The Life of Sea Turtle by Scott
Shorty & John by Jacob
The Race Team by Casey
Bounty: Fetch by William
Smashed Up by Casey
Prego, A Parody of Halo #1 by Jason
Mister Beecher, The World’s Worst Teacher by Marek

You can see Marek’s old blogspot blog for more notes, photos, and art samples from the Fall 2007 Artworks season.  

Our next Keene events for Winter 2008 will be Saturday full-day workshops for children and adults; view the Comics Calendar for details!


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