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How We Learn: Scene-Action-Result


  • Prioritize and select important details
  • Practice sequencing our stories 

This exercise is at the heart of all the comics we do!  Here’s the process:

  1. Draw your margins.
  2. Divide the page into three panels.  TIP: Make the first panel the largest. The example below shows an easy way to do this:
  3. One way to do it...

  4. Sharpen your pencil!  Here we go…
  5. In the FIRST PANEL: Set the scene.  Pencil your character in some situation.  Include some details about the setting, and any other characters that are in the scene.
  6. In the SECOND PANEL: Show the action.  Your character does something, or something happens TO your character, etc.
  7. In the THIRD PANEL: Show the results of the action.  What is the outcome? 
  8. That’s it!  Now ink and erase, and you’re ready to do your next page…

 Student Samples:


2 Comments on “How We Learn: Scene-Action-Result”

  1. Andrew Wales says:

    Great idea for a lesson. I just might have to swipe — er, I mean implement it for a future lesson!

  2. Marek says:

    Andrew —

    Please do! It’s only fair, since I’m going to “implement” many of your great ideas, too!

    It’s always interesting to read through any graphic novel and pay close attention to all the (large and small-scale) scene-setting and result-showing that goes on around all the actions. This exercise gives us a quick, fun way to practice that essential storytelling process.

    — Marek

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