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Family Day at the Norman Rockwell Museum


We had a capacity crowd this Saturday at the Norman Rockwell Museum for our whirlwind overview of Comics basics.  Museum visitors enjoyed a tour of the NRM’s LitGraphic exhibit hosted by Melinda Georgeson, then we got right down to business in the downstairs classroom.


Here’s what we accomplished:

  • “Character Blobs”: A quick way to jumpstart your imagination and surprise your drawing-brain! 
  • Scene-Action-Result: Three panel action sequences, practicing scene-setting and sequencing.
  • Splash Pages: We busted out those paints, colored pencils, markers, and big paper, and designed poster-size pages to introduce the main characters of our Scene-Action-Result pages.

I’m always impressed at Comics’ power to focus the creative energies of all ages.  We had a great range of ages in this workshop, including one high school art club from New York state and several local parent-child teams who really seemed to enjoy themselves with their projects. 

Our projects provided a good preview of February’s week-long school vacation workshop series, when we’ll publish our own mini-comics of our original stories!

Thanks to Melinda and Monika for their assistance!  This workshop was a nutritious part of the NRM’s ongoing LitGraphic Exhibit.


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