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Comics Workshop: Stick Figure World


This workshop explored the narrative and collaborative potential of your friendly neighborhood stick figures! 

Students jump-started their imaginations by turning everyday shapes and squiggles into mysterious, meaningful characters and objects.  Then we took those characters and objects and wove them together into an enormous collaborative map of our imaginary “Stick Town.”  This exercise gave us a vibrant, shared creative community where all our comics could take place.  It also got us working together, sharing ideas, and exchanging characters.  When we all sat down to work on our comics pages, we were ready to go with exciting ideas, vivid images, and rich settings!

Some action shots of our group:


Here are a few discoveries we made:

  • Stick figures are quick to draw!  Everyone completed between 1 and 10 pages over the course of the morning and afternoon.
  • Stick figures are easy to trade!  For this workshop, we decided if an artist created a character you liked, you could ask that artist for permission to use the character in your own comics.  We found that with a quick glance (or two), we could quickly learn to draw any character… in our own personal styles, of course.
  • Stick Town has a lot of interesting places!  Our maps quickly grew together into a tightly knit network of streets, parks, businesses, and homes, all populated by eye-pleasing yet simple stick-figure characters.

Later in the afternoon, we shared our projects with each other:


Here are some samples of student artwork:

  • cac_ben.jpg  Ben started his story in the town’s dilapidated Arcade…
  • cac_will.jpg  The Arcade transformed Will’s characters into even simpler stick figures!
  • cac_callie.jpg  Callee created her own bizarre campus on one end of town.
  • cac_jaci.jpg  Jaci took on the issue of safety at the town’s skatepark.
  • cac_joseph.jpg  Meanwhile, Joseph’s “Sticky McJojo” finds a gold Tetris piece outside the arcade…
  • cac_miles.jpg  While Miles has his firemen rushing off to… nothing!
  • cac_nico.jpg  Nico drew Mayor Stick, a.k.a. Super-Mayor!
  • Marek drew a “Sticktown Downtown Business District Guide”.

Watch the Comics Calendar for our next Comics Workshop at the Currier Art Center.


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