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More Comics for the Classroom

The edu-blog OpenEducation.net has been posting lots of comics-related articles lately.  I want to point out their interview with comics expert Chris Wilson.  Chris’s own blog, “The Graphic Classroom”, has tons of reviews that will help you select your next quality comics for yourself or your classroom!

OpenEducation.net also posted its own list of the top 12 comic books for teachers. 

All this recent attention to Comics, from academia, education, and museums alike, is a result of the amazing new work comics creators have been doing over the past few decades.  I remember starting out teaching comics in 2002, and I always had to make a point to remind groups that comics could be ALL different genres and styles.  Now, thanks to the Manga invasion and a healthy alternative comics scene, kids take it for granted that comics can be about ANYTHING.  On so many levels, our society is finally waking up to realize that comics are not just about silly bunnies or guys in tights and capes! 

 Take a look at those Top 12 Comic Books and see what you can imagine as the NEXT great new genre or topic for a hot new graphic novel….


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