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Comics Workshop: Family Comics

On this bright and chilly Saturday afternoon, Manchester area families gathered at the Currier Art Center to plan, draw, and publish their own original comic books.


We spent the morning gathering ideas and learning about how comics tell stories. Then we worked in family teams to plan, pencil, ink, prepare, copy, and publish our comics.  (Phew!)  When the dust settled at 3:00, the class had produced five full mini-comics, plus lots of extra artwork and ideas!



What’s the secret to our ultra-high productivity?  The power of family collaboration (a.k.a., Putting Your Parents To Work!)…


After the workshop, one student’s parting words were, “I can’t wait to get home and draw more comics!”

Here are the mini-comics we created during this fun day of hard work:

  •  Lost in Paris by Tristen & Rose Koerber
  • Mikey & Co. by Joel & Nancy Rand
  • Pest Problem by Mason Sanborn & “Mom”
  • The Silly Croc by Beth and Abby
  • The Nash Family at Snake Bite Rock by the Nash family

The next Family Comics workshop at the Currier Art Center is on March 15.

[For more about the day’s activities, see Sample Program: Family Comics.]

[Read about this workshop in the Manchester Daily Express]


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