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Norman Rockwell Museum – Day 2

THEME: The Importance of Place

The second day of this week-long series at the Norman Rockwell Museum focused on three things: Location, Location, and Location!


Here’s what we did in one single action-packed afternoon: 

  1. Marek shared his own Mimi’s Doughnuts comic strips, and talked about drawing inspiration and ideas from your own life. 
  2. Since Mimi’s started with a location (a real doughnut shop in Claremont, NH), we took a closer look at the way your setting affects your stories.  We brainstormed lists of places we knew and wanted to know, and then created imaginary settings with lots of narrative potential.
  3. Artists created scene pages to show their special setting.  We talked about cartooning techniques, styles, composition, and the power of comics to combine words and pictures in novel, interesting ways.
  4. Then we shared our artwork, and sent it all off to get “reduced” on the copy machine.
  5. With our reductions in hand, we assembled a nice, thick 24-page mini-comic of all our special settings.   


One afternoon, 20+ special settings, one mini-comic!  Good work, gang!


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