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Norman Rockwell Museum – Day 3


THEME: Sequence

On day three of this workshop series, we looked at the importance of sequence in comics.

  1. We read through some of Marek’s comics, including an excerpt from “Today’s the Day”
  2. Then we created quick sets of characters, and performed a brief musical interlude to help fix our characters in our imaginations.
  3. We created Scene-Action-Result pages using our characters.
  4. While our S-A-R pages were out at the copy machine, we did Comics Theatre using pages from these graphic novels:
    1. Owly by Andy Runton
    2. Clan Apis by Jay Hosler
  5. We held a publishing party to fold, staple, and cut our book for the day: Scene-Action-Comics, featuring a page (or two) by every artist in the workshop!
  6. To finish up the day, we held a ceremonial closing Comics Jam.


NRM Education Director Melinda came and drew with us this afternoon!


2 Comments on “Norman Rockwell Museum – Day 3”

  1. Dear Marek,
    What an excellent workshop that you skillfully presented for our grandchildren. You were able to allow them to search withen themselves for their many unexplored talents.
    Thanks for sharing your artistic comics with all of us.
    Ralph and Ellen Rechenberger

  2. Marek says:

    You’re welcome. It was great to meet you and your grandkids, and to see what they’re doing with their comics.

    This kind of artwork certainly does bring out so many “unexplored” talents! You’re exercising so many skills at once, AND you’re creating something that people love to read.

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