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Norman Rockwell Museum – Day 5

THEME: Expression



On this final day of the week-long series, we looked at some examples of expression, exaggeration, and caricature in our cartooning work.


 Activities included:

  • Marek demonstrated some examples of exaggeration and expression in his own work, including diary comics and Mimi’s Doughnuts storylines like “Stray Kittens.”
  • We talked about how artists draw inspiration from their own lives, and then embellish it with exaggeration, colorful characters, and fictional elements.
  • We practiced character-based expression through a comics jam activity.
  • We completed some pages for a book of the day’s comics.
  • We had a publishing party, and published our own daily anthology!


Congratulations to our host, Norman Rockwell Museum Education Director Melinda Georgeson, who completed her first-ever book of comic strips this week!  Melinda based her character, Andy, on her older brother, whose childhood exploits provided her with all the inspiration she needed for her strips.  She showed her work to the class on Friday, and used it to demonstrate mini-comics publishing techniques.


2 Comments on “Norman Rockwell Museum – Day 5”

  1. Andy says:

    Looks like a great curriculum. Maybe the next “James Kochalka” was in the crowd! Nice work.

  2. Marek says:

    Thanks, Andy. Yes, each workshop brings such a variety of approaches to this medium! I find I learn a lot by working with the students.

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