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Comics Workshop: Deerfield Academy

Deerfield Academy hosted today’s Comics Workshop in beautiful “Historic Deerfield”!


We enjoyed a whirlwind afternoon session on the basics of creating comics, including these activities:

  • Samples of Marek’s artwork, drawn from real life stories 
  • Creating characters in a jiffy
  • How to publish your own mini-comics
  • Showing Scene-Action-Result connections between panels
  • Panel-Scrambles for pages from Alec Longstreth’s Phase 7, James Sturm’s The Golem’s Mighty Swing, and Chester Brown’s Louis Riel
  • The dadaist pleasures of the last-minute Comics Jam!

Here we are looking at comics on the big screen (off camera, to the right):


Several students brought their own comics to the workshop.  It’s great to see so many creative talents working on projects in a close-knit school community.

Thanks to art teacher Tim Trelease for organizing this workshop!  Tim came to the Norman Rockwell Family Day Comics Workshop in January, and got inspired about using comics in his visual arts classes.  Tim posted his workshop notes on Deerfield.edu, as well.


4 Comments on “Comics Workshop: Deerfield Academy”

  1. Tim Trelease says:

    Hi Marek,
    It was a great day. Students, parents, and their children have had many positive things to say about the experience. My son, Lukas, used his skills from the workshop to complete a scene-action-result comic for his homework project this week. I plan to incorporate some of the content from the workshop into my Visual Design class next year.
    -Tim Trelease

  2. Jared Armes says:

    I liked making comics. The day was fun. I learned many new things about making comics. You were very nice. Thank you!!!!

  3. Marek says:

    Thanks, Tim and Jared! It’s good to hear that you’re taking home some new ideas. I learned a lot, too, by seeing all of you explore our activities the way you did. I’d love to see your new comics when they’re ready.

    — Marek

  4. Jamee Bateau says:

    Hello Marek,

    I’m sorry I haven’t spoken to you since the comics workshop, but I’ve taken your advice and made my own comic book. 😀 It’s not completely done yet, but I’m on page 16 out of around 23. I’ve also updated my website quite a bit. You should check it out. http://www.freewebs.com/pmnkcomics/ I even have a web store for my t-shirts and everything. haha That reminds me, I still have to get you one of mine. Alright, I’ll talk to later. I’ll definitely keep in touch this time, and I’ll send you updates on my comic book.

    Thank you for everything!


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