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Comics Workshop: Family Comics

DSCN2529.JPG DSCN2556.JPG DSCN2558.JPG 080315-cac-sienna-8detail.jpg

This next Family Comics Workshop followed up on our February session at the  Currier Art Center.  A new group of families created their own original comics stories, blending autobiography, imagination, exaggeration, and outright fun into four complete new mini-comics.

 First, we planned our projects:


Then we did a Panel Scramble to hone our sequencing skills:


The rest of the day, we worked on our projects and learned how to self-publish our mini-comics:



Here are the mini-comics we created (click on the thumbnails to see the sample panels):

  • How to Make a Friend by Sienna + Kirsten

  • The Base Flood by Ethan Dresner and Mom

  •  Jimmy’s Medical Mess by Jimmy, Jim, and Paula Stewart

  • The TOTAL Adventures of Bri & Pipa by B.P.S. & Ca. G.


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