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GraniteCon 2008: "Cyclops"

Here’s one of the comics we created during GraniteCon 2008:


That’s how it started….  Colin Tedford continued the story:


Then Comics Camp Alumna Shelby stepped in:



Shawn Corliss came over from his table on Artists’ Alley to draw the next panel:

Then this posse of graphic design students from Keene State College showed up, and things got funky:


Wait a minute… What’s with the simplistic vigilante-style morality in that last panel?
And what’s that little insignia in the lower left corner?!?


Ha! It IS Batman’s signature! I THOUGHT that artist looked familiar…



One Comment on “GraniteCon 2008: "Cyclops"”

  1. Andy says:

    Man, that is one cool bat-suit! Looks like a great time.

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