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ArtsALIVE 2008: Comics Workshop Comes to Dover, NH

Here are some photos from today’s Comics Workshop booth at ArtsALIVE-Dover:

Blake Parker helps out a young artist!

Our double-tent COMICS ZONE!  On the left, the READING TENT... On the right, the DRAWING TENT! Mind if I look over your shoulder?  Say, is that Batman? Another panel for the wall! Woo!  More panels!  More panels!

An enthusiastic crowd, eager families, and not-so-rainy weather helped us create some great original comics installations!

 Thanks to Trees and Hills for teaming up with us on this event, as part of their extended “Spring Thaw” tour.  Thanks also to ArtsALIVE, for providing the roof and walls of this fun outdoor venue.

Congratulations to Jen T., winner of our grand prize drawing!  (Jen contributed a panel to our storywall, and won a one-year subscription to Mimi’s Doughnuts Zine.)

Okay… standby for some scans of our ArtsALIVE artwork, coming real soon!


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