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Sharon Arts Center: "Teen Zine Week" Publishing Party

Concentration and imagination carried the day at Teen Zine Week‘s final session…


DSCN5226.JPG DSCN5227.JPG AliStonehouse.jpg 

Our zines turned out to be adventurous collections of artwork, comics, writing, maps, games, recipes, and more!  At one point this week, drawing comics became a spectator sport when the digital photography campers came and shot our afternoon session:


In fact, some of the photos on this page were taken by those same campers.  (Their names appear on the file names.)

This afternoon, we assembled all our zines and hosted our friends and families at an Friday afternoon Art Show!  It was great to have everyone collecting and enjoying our zines.


You will find lots more photos from our week in an album at Picasa.

You can also keep up with our zines at our blogs:

Cat and Mouse / Katie’s Manga / Kirby’s Treehouse


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