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Comics Classroom Tools

This post may be outdated — See ABOUT: MATERIALS & TOOLS for more recent links.

Here are some basic tools which belong in every comics-creating classroom:

Flair Felt-Tip Pens

These provide a controllable, variable line with good solid black coverage. 

They dry quickly, and they’re washable, too.  Especially for younger artists, these pens (and the markers below) are MUCH easier to use than brushes and nib pens.  We can just pick them up and start inking right away!  (Standard price = ~$1.50 each / Shop online for ’em!)

Dick Blick Water-Based Markers
These have an excellent chisel-tip, which enables young artists to both fill areas and start exploring line weight with a very controlled instrument.  They also dry quickly and wash easily.  I USE ONLY THE BLACK MARKERS, but they do come in other colors…. (Standard price = ~$0.40 each / Shop online for ’em!)

Pencils and erasers — Aw, heck, you know what they are and how to get some!

Rulers — Any sturdy ruler will do!  They help mark off panel borders and draw straight lines.

Paper — We just use regular copy paper.  It’s cheap, and easy to find, and it holds the ink.  (Just be gentle while erasing!)

Folders — Each artist needs a folder to organize artwork and tools.  Two-pocket folders work well; paper is cheap, but the plastic ones last MUCH longer.


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