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Keene State College: Comics Camp Con 2008

We had a good crowd of family, friends, and fans at our second annual Keene State College “Kids On Campus” Comics Camp Mini-Comics Convention.  (That’s KSC-KOC-CCMCC for short!)



This is experiential education; we learn how to publish by publishing, and we learn the thrill of authorship when we see people enjoying our work, hot off the press.  I’m proud of all the hard work these students put into their projects on this final day!

 Here are some of the ultra-new comics we created this week:

  • Black ‘n’ White Series by Sean

  • Capt. Sleigh, the X-treme Sledder by Cooper

  • Lazy the Cat by Jen

  • Frankie in: The Ugly Friendless Human by Courtney

  • Lumpy the Cowboy by Rachel

  • Sam Infinity + Microscopically Insignificant Man by Blake

  • Diggi the Disco Pig by Jackson

  • Draw Like Me! by Marek

  • Fat Man Saves Jack ‘n’ Jill! by Drew

  • Ducky’s Travels by Sam

  • Vomit by Nate

  • … and more!

Some of our Comics Campers also created blogs about their work this week.  Watch for new posts on:


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