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The Orchard School: Panels and Ninjas and Bears…

…Oh my!  Lest you think we do nothing at Comics Camp but sit around hunched over papers for hours on end (which we do), here are some official Comics Camp sport shots…


After a quick warm-up round of Panel Scramble (plus some morning drawing time), Catesby taught us a new game called “Cowboy-Ninja-Bear”!


Here’s a guide to the three action photos above:

  1. The team on the left has chosen to present BEAR (note scary BEAR pose) and the ream team on the right has chosen NINJA. 
  2. Since BEAR eats NINJA, the team on the right slowly realizes they’ve lost the round, and the team on the left begins its charge.  (Note that NINJA beats COWBOY, while COWBOY beats BEAR.) (Note also in picture #2 that one NINJA has tried to turn himself into a COWBOY, but it didn’t work.)
  3. The BEARs tag the NINJAs, and turn them into BEARs.  Then the next round, the team on the left (now much larger) decides on a new pose, and the team on the right (much smaller) must hope to beat them anew.

Then we all went swimming, and then we went back to the school to make mini-comics!



2 Comments on “The Orchard School: Panels and Ninjas and Bears…”

  1. michael cubitt says:

    its sopussed to say team not ream

  2. Marek says:

    Thanks, Michael — I didn’t even catch that after a round of proof-reading! I’m glad you’re my online editor. If you look up at #1 in the post, you’ll see I’ve corrected it.

    — Marek

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