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"The Grand Adventures of Billy the Spy Baby" by Rachel









Tell us a bit about your project.

My comic is all about a Baby Spy named Billy.  I came up with Billy when my little cousin inspired me.  It’s really fun writing about this little baby because of how smart he is.

Did this [camp] experience make you more interested in creating your own art?

Yes, I’ve been doing comics for a few years, and every year I learn more and want to make lots of comics.

What part of camp did you enjoy the most?

I really enjoyed coming up with my own ideas and adding more to my comic as it progressed through the week.

Will you be able to explain this creative process to others?

Since I am used to this creative process, I could probably explain it to most of my family and especially show and explain it to my younger brothers, so they will be more prepared when they come to this camp.

(c)2008 Rachel T. 
Drawn during Comics Camp 2008 at The Orchard School!


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