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"The Worm, The Garden, and the Snake" by Nina









Tell us a bit about your project.

My project is about a worm named George who tries to go get back his vegetable basket.  I came up with the idea when we did blob designs…

Did this [camp] experience make you more interested in creating your own art?

Yes.  It would be interesting to see if you could really start a comic book.  I might start a new comic book or continue with “The Worm, the Garden, and the Snake.”

What part of camp did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed working on the comics and making the books.  It was fun to make all the books.  I didn’t like that it was rainy almost all week.  Marek is a good teacher.  I had a lot of fun.

(c)2008 Nina Dunnell
Drawn during Comics Camp 2008 at
The Orchard School!


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