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"Arts in the Wild" Creation Myths

030.JPGHere are some examples of the creation myths we created during our “Arts in the Wild” camp this past week.  (Click on the images to enlarge them and read the comics!)

Cat and Mouse by Hannah K.

Keisha’s Bird, Mushroom, and Flower myth:
keisha-01.jpg keisha-02.jpg keisha-03.jpg keisha-04.jpg

Tya and Hannah linked their comics together through the character of Sire Bob, the Toad:
Tya+Hannah-01.jpg Tya+Hannah-02.jpg 

Brian’s Bob and Fred’s Adventure takes a more cartoony approach to the storytelling:
brian-01.jpg brian-02.jpg brian-03.jpg 

Baby Coyote and Bird by Ibrahim
1 = “I want to see a beautiful bird!”
2 = “Where is that baby coyote?  I will look everywhere to find him.”
3 = “Do you want to play a game with me?” / “I was looking for a baby coyote.  Play with me.”


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