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Camp Tuckernuck: "Arts in the Wild"

We spent the week exploring the woods and fields of Camp Tuckernuck, and creating comics about what we found!


+012-SMALL.jpg +006-SMALL.jpg +015-SMALL.jpg +018-SMALL.jpg

For five sunny days, 42 campers aged 6-15 years roved over the forests, beaver wetlands, pathways, and shores of the camp.  We made many new observations and discoveries, and then we created original creation myths in comics format.  (We modeled our stories on the Miwok creation tale, “Silver Fox and Coyote,” as told by Michael Caduto.)


This week had several “high points”:

  1. Exploring the woods with a dozen young adventurers at a time (plus one happy doggy),  all moving as silently as possible, watching wordlessly, listening, and soaking up the world.
  2. Drawing comics in the open air, with birds and bugs buzzing all around us!
  3. Seeing several young artists discover comics for the very first time, passing quickly through the “But I Can’t Draw” stage to the “Can I Have Another Sheet of Paper – Actually, Can I Have Two?” stage!
  4. Publishing and reading our anthology of creation myths on the last day, and enjoying the comics we made together.

+001-SMALL.jpg +016-SMALL.jpg +010-SMALL.jpg +023-SMALL.jpg 

Click on the Creation Myths cover to read some of our comics!


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