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Hopkinton Independent School: Stories on the Way…

Drawing (and teaching) comics is one of the coolest jobs imaginable! Where else can you work with talking birds, mutated bunnies, olympian athletes, infamous politicians, ghosts, sentient blobs, sneaky puppies, ninjas, bank robbers, secret service agents, pirates, and creative kids all under the same roof and sky?

HIS Comics Camp 015.JPGHIS Comics Camp 001.JPG

HIS Comics Camp 009.JPG

We’re creating some great stories at the Hopkinton Independent School this week… If you’re in the area, please join us for our annual

Mini-Comics Convention
The Hopkinton Independent School
3:00 Friday, 15 August 2008

HIS Comics Camp 014.JPG 080811 Comics Camp HIS 007.JPG 080811 Comics Camp HIS 004.JPG 080811 Comics Camp HIS 006.JPG 080811 Comics Camp HIS 002.JPG

Here are a couple sneak-preview pages from today’s workshop:


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