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Hopkinton Independent School Comics Convention 2008

Vacation 018 +.jpg

We held our fifth Mini-Comics Convention of the season today!

HIS Comics Camp 013.JPG Vacation 039 +.jpg Vacation 045 +.jpg

The fine comics created during this week’s camp include:

  • Agent Chicken by Ian

  • “Ahem. Hello.” by Ali

  • G. R. Service and the New Puppies by Andra

  • Ghost Boy by Danny

  •  Hail Stone Volume I by Colin

  • The Isle… by James

  • Jedd, The Guy Who Hunts for Treasure and Stuff by Paul

  • Monch and the 2008 Olympics by Dominic 

  • Mutated Bunny by Silas

  • My Best Friend the Emo 3 by Shelby

  • The Return of Neo (Book 4) by Henry

  • Seeds Part 2: Attack by Marek

  • Snake’s Family Life by Cameron

  •  Splat by Chase

  • Summer Camp 2: Trip to Cannibal Island by Amy

  • SuperWorm by Charlie

  • Sword Bird by Sangita

  • W. Doddle Saves the World by Caitlyn

  • What’s in the Mansion by Srilekha

 Vacation 057 +.jpg


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