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Monadnock Humane Society: Creature Comics Convention

 convention-2787726433_38e194d978.jpg convention-2788579538_b0742b6bd3.jpg

On Friday, we published our mini-comics about animals and animal welfare, and held a Creature Comics Convention in the lobby of the Monadnock Humane Society to raise money for shelter operations. 

convention-2787726217_f29256a98e.jpg animals-2787721529_a68b811674.jpg
comics camp 035.jpg animals-2788575442_231d27bf34.jpg MHS Comics Camp 427.JPG

We had a great time learning about animal welfare and practicing the safe handling of animals.  We also learned valuable skills by creating and publishing our own complete comics projects.  Our hard work paid off by connecting us to our animals, our communities, and our own imaginations… and by helping to support our many furry friends at MHS!

The comics we created during this week include:

  • The Adventures of MicroCat: Humane Educator (Part 1.1.1) by Maggie
  • The Adventures of Tiger (Volume I, Issue #1) by Preman
  • Bird and Crab by Blake
  • CVD (Chicken Vs. Duck) by John 
  • Doodles the Shy Duck by Elaina
  • Fida’s Checklist to Getting Adopted by Adriana
  • Gina Gerbil, Secret Agent (Issue #1) by Mazie
  • Mell by Sara
  • The Mouse by Jarrid
  • Mr. Turtle and Friends #1 by David
  • Old Man and Sparky by Hadley
  • Operation: Stray by Marek
  • Spy Cat #1 by Melissa
  • Sword #1 by Hannah



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