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HSR Comics Exchange: Tour Guides

We’re gathering ideas for our comics about Henniker!  Today, we read How to Create Comics, and then we took an imaginary mental tour of the town of Henniker.  From these tours, we created introductory comics to show certain small pieces of our community, hosted by… well, here are a few of the great tour guides we discovered:

Angie\'s rock introduces you to New England College.

This salt shaker will give you a tour of Gianna's fridge!

Ian's basketball wants to show you the town gym.

Just imagine the stories Jessica's locker can tell!

We'll get some good stories out of Kyle's baseball equipment....

Ms. Kapuko's dog has a unique view of winter.

Here are two more quiet scenes from our town...

As you can see, we all had very different “Hennikers” in our imaginations.  In the coming weeks, we’ll study how to find the voices and stories that connect all these places and characters.


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