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The Community School: Nature Journal Comics

Butterfly's bug sketch!Last week’s Comics Workshop at The Community School (Tamworth, NH) focused on using comics in Nature Journals, with an outdoor field activity in the pine forest behind the school.  Students found special locations and used comics to document the following aspects of the season and ecosystem: 

  • “The Moment”: What special moment did you observe? (Something special to the place and time you observed)
  • Changes (or Stories): What changes do you observe happening?
  • Point of View: What new points of view did you find by using your imagination?
  • Voice:  What new voices can you bring out in your comics?

We drew quickly and loosely, focusing on using multiple images to show changes and introduce new information.  Here are some art samples:


3 Comments on “The Community School: Nature Journal Comics”

  1. I think Joslin’s is my favorite – very cool! I also like Reahn’s moments. I should do some nature journal comics!

  2. Marek says:

    Glad to hear you’re inspired by our artwork! I’ve been drawing more nature comics since this workshop, as well. I still haven’t figured out how to draw comics in the rain, though.

  3. Steve Glazer says:

    1. Re: rain
    a) old umbrella’s can help create a rain free zone.

    b) gallon size ziplock bags slip nicely over clip boards

    2. I like the unfolding panels of nature!

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