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Currier Art Center: "Stick Figure World" + "Manga Comics Power!"

We have two new weekly classes with the start of the Winter Term at the Currier Art Center (Manchester, NH):

  • Stick Figure World (Ages 7-10) = A rollicking attempt at comics world-building and storytelling, using only stick-figures!
  • Manga Comics Power! (Ages 11-18) = A teen group dedicated to exploring the secrets and wonders of the world of manga (Japanese comics)!  So far, we’ve chosen such goals as:
    • Develop characters
    • Use objects & action effectively in artwork
    • Study backgrounds
    • Study manga drawing styles
    • Action, from panel to panel
    • Draw hands better
    • Learn how to use silent panels
    • Draw clearly

To get a sense of our experience levels, techniques, and styles, the manga class drew pages (like the samples above) to answer the question, “What is manga?”


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