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HSR Comics Exchange: Phase One Complete!

Here are some of the details from Phase One of the HSR Comics Exchange!



  • 20 students from Henniker Community School
  • 13 “Planting Hope” delegation members from Matagalpa, Nicaragua
  • 40+ volunteers from Henniker (citizens, town government representatives, HCS teachers & administrators, Henniker PTA, HSR organizers)
  • 80+ audience members (families, friends, & neighbors)
  • 7 families hosting delegation members
  • Local neighbors and business donors


  • Book of Henniker by Elizabeth Neal
  • Sleep-Overs in Henniker by Nicole Beeso
  • Pizza Story by Matt McFall
  • The Skiing Accident! by Angela Beeso
  • Cookies! by Karter Martin
  • The Halloween Social by Ian Gillespie
  • As I Fall & A Day on Life Street by Gia Quinn
  • Halloween Fun in Henniker by Connor Nee
  • Fall in New Hampshire by Marek Bennett
  • Collision with a Tree & Henniker’s Friends of Kelsey Dobbins by Kelsey Dobbins
  • Making Video Games by Sean Kilburn


  1. Students of John Stark Regional High School translate mini-comics into Spanish
  2. February ’09 HSR Comics Exchange Delegation conducts workshops in San Ramon, Nicaragua
  3. Mini-comics from San Ramon return to Henniker for translation into English
  4. Another comics exhibit in Henniker!

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