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Bennington, NH: CLiF Residency

Here are some photos from the April Comics Workshop residency at Bennington, NH’s Pierce School (made possible by a grant from the Children’s Literacy Foundation):

Gee, I have a funny expression on my face in this photo… but I’m not angry! I’m happy to show my comics to these first graders, and talk about how I create and draw out my characters, settings, and stories:

Here, I’m sharing the latest completed episode of Mimi’s Doughnuts, which will appear within a couple weeks in newspapers:

One of my favorite parts of these residencies is working closely with individual students, and making sure they get a good start on their first ever comics adventures!

We also spend lots of time reading each other’s comics pages, and giving valuable feedback to our fellow artists:

On the last night of the residency, families attended the school’s annual Literacy Night, where we learned about the decisions comics creators make as they draw their stories, and the hard work that goes into graphical storytelling.  Students also unveiled the comics projects they’d created during the residency — each class published one or two complete mini-comics containing one- to six-page stories by each student!

Here are some sample pages:

In his tiger brain adventure, Tony worked to show a story in four steps.  He found an imaginative way to show the tiger’s daydream, and used text to help the reader understand each panel.

Martin’s class had recently studied money, so he used it in his comic to add a bizarre twist to a bank robbery story.  Here, the money takes its own revenge on the laughing robber!


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