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Manga Convention at Nashua Public Library

On Friday, Nashua Public Library‘s Manga Comics Power! group spent the morning preparing their mini-comics, and in the afternoon we presented our work to an enthusiastic convention crowd:


The Nashua Telegraph ran an article about our workshop: “Pens Empowered: Manga Comics Workshop draws on young artists’ imagination”!


Comics created and published in this weeklong workshop include: 

  • Jolly Ringo and the Rodginauts by Adam
  • The Monarch! Volume 1 by Alyssa
  • Pandora’s Cards by Agnes
  • Dare by Agnes and Shine
  • Michelle and the Weird Dude by Chelsea
  • Lucid by Chrissy
  • H.J.H. by Devon
  • Burning Cold by Isaac
  • The Quest for Sqat by Jacob
  • Love War in Winter by Katelin
  • Hit by Kerri
  • Here! Kitty Kitty by Lily
  • Seeds 2.4: Granny’s Tale by Marek
  • Quest of Inspiration by Martha
  • The Adventures of Mr. Elfdude by Matt
  • Myths by Michelle
  • Legend of the Guardians by Sarah L.
  • The Misadventures of Avery Jagar by Sarah W.
  • Nameless: The Story of a Young Samurai by Seamus
  • Less than Corporate by Susanna

2 Comments on “Manga Convention at Nashua Public Library”

  1. Andrea Steiner says:

    Excellent! How do we get to see everybody’s comics? I want to read Here! Kitty Kitty RIGHT NOW. Did you say they were published somewhere? Thanks!

  2. Marek says:

    I will post some pages from some projects in the future, when I have time to scan the pages into my computer (probably sometime in August?)! At the very least I hope to post some covers and the “Artist Statement” pages, which are really fun to read and give you a sense of what went on in during our week together.

    In the meantime, if any of the artists post their work online (and tell me), I’ll link to it from here!

    Stay tuned!

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