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Creature Comics Convention @ MHS

DSCF3087 DSCF3092
We spent Friday finishing, publishing, and distributing our mini-comics for the annual Creature Comics Convention at the Monadnock Humane Society. 

Comics created during the camp include:

  • The Big Egg by Lexi
  • The Detective Bunny by Sam
  • Foster-Mom Fanny by Jessica
  • The Gooby by Sara
  • Jamie Fox by Kaitlyn
  • Joanie’s Journey by Emma
  • The Magician #573,249 by Blake
  • Rubarb by Anika
  • Seeds 2.3.1 by Marek
  • Silly Pig by Sal
  • Three Comics by Angie
  • Truffles the Magnificent by Christy

Donations collected during the convention went to support shelter operations.


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