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HSR Comics Pages

DSCF5493 DSCF5494

Here are some sample pages from our comics inspired by (and taking place around) Henniker, NH:

Karter draws a scene from a local pizza restaurant:

hsr-karter-pizza-01-small hsr-karter-pizza-02-small

Ian explores the dangers of sledding and skiing:

hsr-ian-spritedude1-05-small hsr-ian-spritedude1-06-small hsr-ian-spritedude1-07-small hsr-ian-spritedude1-09-small

Maddy’s project features several different characters, including a bossy comics teacher with a digital camera… :

hsr-maddy-jam-01-small hsr-maddy-fish-01-small hsr-maddy-signs-01-small

Sean’s Trak and Chell #1 contains all kinds of surprises (and games!):

hsr-sean-games-02-small hsr-sean-games-04-small hsr-sean-swings-01-small


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