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South Portland, ME: Whole School Comics!

01-DSCF6489This is an ENORMOUS post, because last week’s residency at South Portland‘s Doris L. Small School was an ENORMOUS two days of comics creation! Over three days, almost 300 students in grades K-5 each created lots of pages of comics about their favorite study topics. As you click on the many pages listed below, you’ll read comics about animals, neighborhoods, friendship, penguins, renewable energy technologies, and more. (And this set doesn’t even include our comics about harbor seals, math, outer space, autobiographical stories, and bears!)

We followed up our drawing days with a comics reading in the school auditorium for students, teachers, and parents, plus a totally fun library book signing session!


One Comment on “South Portland, ME: Whole School Comics!”

  1. andrewwales says:

    “Solar Panel” with the garbage tipping kitty cat was really cute!

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