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Henniker: Local History Comics about WWII

Here are some sample comics from our recent WWII Local History unit in Henniker:


“Live Life to its Fullest” imagines the prom of 1941 at Cogswell Memorial High School:

“First Blackout” details an early wartime security measure:
1941-Blackout-01 1941-Blackout-02

“Save the Date” takes place on the first official Thanksgiving after FDR’s declaration, and mere weeks before Pearl Harbor…:

“Scrap Metal Drive” depicts a town-wide reaction to Pearl Harbor:


“Metal Drive” takes the wider view of the town’s collection efforts:

“Scrap Metal Collection” presents the story dramatically.
1942-Caroline_L-01 1942-Caroline_L-02

“Red Cross Stories” reports on the work of some local women.

In “If Air Raids Come,” a citizen questions the value of town-wide light restrictions:
1942-Jeff_R-01 1942-Jeff_R-02

“Step on Tin” presents some important NH war effort information!

“The Great Patenaude Fire” poses a historical “what-if?” scenario:


In “The Heart,” local men begin to bring home stories of combat:
1943-Connor-01 1943-Connor-02

Here’s part of a letter from a Henniker soldier in training:


“Medic”  connects local bandage-making to the war effort:

“Mrs. Durgin’s Sugar” takes note of one local woman’s heroic food-canning efforts during wartime rationing:
1944-Racheal_E-01 1944-Racheal_E-02


2 Comments on “Henniker: Local History Comics about WWII”

  1. […] materials from the local historical society. These comics provide a symbolic backdrop for later local history comics, as well as an initial experimental project for young artists to flex their emerging cartooning […]

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