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AANNH "Igniting the Spark" Conference

DSCF6855Afterschool coordinators and teachers from all over Northern New Hampshire attended this week’s conference, “Igniting the Spark: Integrating Creativity into Youth Programming” (made possible by the North Country Health Consortium and  AANNH).  Participants explored using comics, music, dance, and writing to enliven their youth programs and teaching practices.

Comics Workshop participants experimented with graphic character design, representation of teaching models in cartoon metaphors, and reading cultural & community influences in comics texts.  Here are some sample photos and artwork:


3 Comments on “AANNH "Igniting the Spark" Conference”

  1. Diana Gibbs says:

    Marek- The “comic workshop” was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed the exercises and believe comics can foster creativity in many different subject areas in youth programming! Thanks!

  2. Marek says:

    Thanks, Diana — Glad to hear from you. Keep us posted on how you used your new ideas! — Marek

  3. Kathy Jablonski says:

    Thanks for the great day. I took my comic and it’s on my refrigerator. The grands will like it!

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