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Comic Strip Assessment

Here’s a basic assessment tool we used at this week’s AANNH “Igniting the Spark” conference:

Participants worked alone, taking 1-2 minutes per panel to capture their reactions to and ideas from the day. Then participants shared with their table neighbors, adding their own comments & feedback to each other’s work.

Here are some sample assessments (click on each thumbnail to see the full image):

Organizers wanted to collect certain information from participants, including:

  1. Overall conference experiences: What worked, what will you remember, important moments & concepts
  2. Future plans: ideas about how they plan to use their learning. 
  3. Reflection & practice: How do participants apply concepts of creativity in this brief drawing/writing activity?
  4. Peer feedback & sharing:  How do participants react to each other’s experiences?

Used in conjunction with a standard quantitative assessment form, this activity helps conference organizers get a more complete sense of the conference’s strengths and effects. It was also a lot of fun for organizers and participants to read, and it enlivened the end of the day assessment time!


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